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Friday, October 14, 2005

You go Girl ..

The adventurous Latina Dora the Explorer released her latest CD the Associated Press reports. She's even singing a duet with Carlos Santana! Her "Super Babies" movie is up to #4 from #8 last week on Billboards list of top VHS rentals. What's next, telenovelas?

Nickelodeon is scoring big with the Latino characters, and recently spun off "Go Diego Go" from Dora the Explorer. Not quite like the Jefferson's spinning off from All in the Family, but, hey, it's something.

Others are jumping in the mix in hopes of luring the bilingual and assimilated Latino audience. Kids are only learning words like "vamonos" and "mochila" but at least they're not just learning the swear words from their friends at school. (C'mon, I'm sure you know how to say the "F" word in at least 3 languages). "Jay Jay the Jetplane" from PBS is adding a Latina character this month, Marketing y Medios reported.

All I can say is at least they're not being typecast as cleaning people or gardeners!


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