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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do you need to be Hispanic to market to Hispanics?

I'd be retired by now if I had a quarter for every time an organization's approach to marketing to Hispanics was to hire a Hispanic. While I stongly believe being of Hispanic origin is critical, so is knowing something about marketing and communication, and about the market being targeted. Being Hispanic isn't enough.

Chief Marketing Officer Magazine has an article in its latest issue that discusses the debate about wheter it takes a Latino to market to Latinos. (Thanks to my collegue Norm Morneau for alerting me to the story).

Pretty good read.


  • At 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well I could not find the story in that link, but I think you might need to be an hispanic to market to hispanic.

    I am mexican and came here to US to work as software engineer and believe me if you think Taco Bell is our food and that is addressing hispanics to eat that crap, you are wrong. Now if they are note addressing the hispanic market then they are losing millions of customers and I do not think that's what they are looking for.

    You cannot think that a tortilla with beans is the daily food in Mexico and call them different names, in fact I think it is offensive and nobody but hispanics would know what is good and not offensive better than any white who only know Mexico because got drunk in Cancun, which is a place build to make the turists feel like home or their only idea of hispanic is a cleaning lady in a hotel room.


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