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Monday, October 17, 2005

¿Como se dice "Schwarzenegger" en español?

California State Controller Steve Westly announced he's running commercials of him speaking entirely in Spanish as he looks to woo the Hispanic vote in the gubernatorial race against el terminator. The article in the San Jose Mercury News cites the negatives (Latinos potentially thinking he's pandering for their vote) and the positives (we give more leeway to Anglo politicians speaking Spanish than to a Latino who suddenly finds his or her roots for an election run).

It does tend to work in most cases. One of memories growing up was listening to Frank Purdue talk about his fresh and moist chickens on the radio. My mom loved Frank because she felt he was speaking to her on her terms. As a result we certainly put away our share of his pollos.

Listening to Arnold speak English is tough enough ... let's just hope he doesn't follow suit.


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