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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Online Marketing Campaign Pitfalls

DM News, a direct marketing media outlet, has an article about a session entitle, "The Opportunity: Tapping into U.S. Hispanics and Latin Americans via Search" that took place July 10 in Miami at the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo Latino '06.

The article outlines the millions of Latinos that use the Internet for searches. It states that Mexico, Argentina and Brazil account for 72% of search users in Latin America.

It also outlines the potential growth of the U.S. market as searching is the #2 reason that Hispanics in the United States and in Latin America use the Internet. The #1 reason was to check e-mail, the article says.

What it doesn't outline is that Hispanic Internet users in the U.S. are largely young. This is important because it affects the types of campaigns for which online marketing should be considered (though SEO is something that should always be considered). It also affects the type of onlincampaignng tactics that should be employed (i.e. mobile marketing).

Hispanics account for approximately 14% of the U.S. population, but only account for 7.1% of web users, according to the Pew Internet Project. The annual growth rate is estimated at 6.8%, according to e-Marketer. So, the potential today and in the future is certainly there. Proof positive is that 2005 online expenditures aimed at Hispanics were $100 million. This is a 33% increase from 2004, according to IAB.

The article also doesn't outline the major pitfall made with many U.S.-based online campaigns: the lack of follow through. By this I mean companies spend lots of money to get Hispanic to their websites or to a campaign micro-site, yet fail to offer relevant content. Worse, they sometimes lead you to Spanish landing page for essentially an English website, or to a translated website. (See my posting about the new Johnnie Walker campaign to see what I'm talking about)

So, certainly go forward and consider online marketing as a key discipline. However, know the demographic of your intended audience and their purchasing decision-making thought process, as well as make sure you follow through by providing them something relevant once they get there.


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