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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Latino Coalition Heath Care Task Force to Release Strategies for Improving Latino Health

The Latino Coalition Health Care Task Force will unveil its final report "Strategies for Improving Latino Healthcare in America" tomorrow at noon. The report is supposed to include recommendations to improve the overall health and health outcomes among U.S. Latinos, according to a release on U.S. Newswire.

According to the release, The Latino Coalition is an 18-member national Task Force composed of a "diverse bipartisan group of professionals with broad expertise in the area of health care, including small business owners, physicians, nurses, community based organizations, corporate executives, academicians, researchers and other health care industry leaders."

The task force is chaired by Dr. Josh Valdez, Senior Vice President for Health Care Management at Wellpoint, Inc.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, specific recommendations are made in how to effectively communicate the strategies they are releasing to the growing Hispanic population. More specifically, if they address how culture and not just language is a major barrier to communicating health-related issues to Hispanics.


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