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Monday, January 14, 2008

Moonshadow is back on Mega's hit morning show in NYC

Moonshadow, who along with Luis Jimenez grew La Mega's morning show "El Vacilón De La Mañana" into a ratings powerhouse, is back on the popular show. (#1 in the NYC DMA, regardless of language)

I wrote last year how Luis Jimenez had left the show on WSKQ for Univision radio and more riches. He is still doing his thing and being extremely successful at it with other jocks like Speedy, who was on WKTU for some time.

This is an important development as it could mean a stronger head-to-head in the market for the morning show, and more opportunities for advertisers. If you're not aware of the power and influence of Spanish radio DJs like them or Piolín, you're missing the boat. Many advertisiers use them as spokespersons or for product mentions in addition to advertising during the time slots.


  • At 11:21 AM , Blogger norma said...

    I wanted to acknwledge a Hispanic Professional who has contributed so much of his effort on targeting the Hispanic Population in the Far south side of Chicago,Il He has placed our Aunt Marthas Healthacare Network /Centro de Salud Tia Marthas on the map for quality Healthcare to our population We at the Marketing department have been targeting the Hispanic population because of Mr Raul Garza the General Manager/Chief Operation Officer for the Health Center he has made us all so Proud to be a Hispanic he has Focus on the needs of our Culure and Tia Marthas Centro de Salud has over 50% of its Health Care staff being Bilingual (Hispanic) Mr Garza may not be a Movie star or someone Famous but to us he is a STAR...who has made us proud to be a Latina and I wish that you would acknowledge people like him a Latino Professional who put so much effort in his people...
    .................Thank You
    Norma Caratachea


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