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Monday, March 24, 2008

Digital divide

With the pending conversion from analog to all digital broadcasting as of February 18, 2009, Nielsen reports that Hispanics are the most unprepared. Specifically, Hispanics are nearly twice as likely as whites to be left without television service following the nationwide transition to digital broadcasting next year. Hispanics also have a higher percentage of having more than one unready set.

Percentage of Households Completely or Partially Unready for Digital Conversion

Completely Unready (%)
White - 8.8%
Black - 12.4%
Asian - 11.7%
Hispanic - 17.3%

One or More Unready Sets (%)
White - 15.2
Black - 19.5 %
Asian - 18.8%
Hispanic - 26.2 %

The government has an info site that is available in Spanish, but there is little info in terms of how the word will get out to the Hispanic market.

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