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Monday, March 03, 2008

No más "press 2 for español" for Dominos

Domino's Pizza announced they have a dedicated number fully dedicated to their Spanish-speaking customers at 1-888-DOMINOSÒ, according to a posting on I called to number to check it out and it works well. It's a voice prompted rather than pushing an entry. Personally, I'd rather hit a number as my experience with voice prompt hasn't been great. I also wonder if it will pick up the words of every Latin American accent.

Regardless, the effort is a good one. Rather than their usual phone number with a "press 2 for Spanish" option, Domino's has invested in ensuring their Spanish speaking customers' experience is all in the preferred language.

Companies should follow a similar approach on the web. Rather than using, they should have a specific URL for Spanish speakers. And, when possible, it should reflect the way Hispanics refer to the company or organization. For instance, The American Red Cross is in Spanish. One of our clients is Stamford Hospital. Latinos call them Hospital De Stamford. Thus, the Spanish-language URL is rather than a /espanol option.

Subtle change, but one that will be certainly picked up, and appreciated, by your customers.

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