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Monday, January 26, 2009

Marketers continue targeting Hispanics via Mobile

Other industries are starting to join telecom an auto in reaching Hispanics via mobile, per an Advertising Age article.

Research suggests that U.S. Hispanics are more engaged with their mobile phones than Americans overall.

-- 71% of Hispanics consume content on their cellphones, compared with the market average of 48%, according to ComScore M:Metrics. Why? Many don't have subscriptions to internet or landline service, so wireless phones are their sole communications tool.
-- Additionally, the median age among Hispanics is 27.6, compared with 36.6 in the population as a whole, so that may also help explain their propensity toward mobile.

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  • At 6:12 AM , Anonymous Tony said...

    Makes perfect sense. mobile advertising works well for demographies that really utilize mobile phones in daily living. Aside from Hispanics, Asians (usually Filipinos) also use mobile phones extensively.


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