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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hispanics internet and mobile use continues to grow

Media Post's "Engage Hispanics" has a posting by Alvaro Cabrera listing a top 10 list regarding Hispanics and Internet and mobile use.

These include the fact that:

-- Hispanics' Internet use is growing 2x faster than the general market
-- 88% of Hispanics making more than $50,000 are online
-- Hispanics are early adapters to mobile with 64% penetration at age 15
-- Hispanics spend 14 hours per week (compared to 8 in the general market) with a technology device

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  • At 4:42 PM , Anonymous Sofia Keck said...

    The mayority of Hispanics use a mobile device to go online since a cellphone is more affordable than computer.

    Walmart will start selling good quality laptops for around $300. They expect sales to be big within the Hispanic market.

    Sofia Keck


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