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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Univision-AP poll provide insights to Hispanic cultural differences

The Univision-AP poll series continues, this time with poll results regarding identity. The results show that 66% of Hispanics say that Latinos should maintain their distinct culture. 54% say that it's important they change to blend into society.

The article quotes Gary Segura, a political scientist from Stanford who helped conduct the study, saying that those two views are not necessarily at odds. "He said other, better established ethnic groups cling to their traditions, adding, 'Identity is multidimensional, and people can see themselves as Hispanic and as Americans.'"

This further demonstrates the need to speak to culture versus language when marketing to Latinos. Keep in mind too that even the 54% who say they should change to blend into society aren't actually assimilating but acculturating, thus they will likely still retain some aspects of the Hispanic culture. In addition, the report states that young Hispanics are less likely to say that it is important to change and blend in: 43 percent of 18-29 year olds say it is important to assimilate whereas 67 percent of those 65 and older find assimilation important.

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