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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Social Responsibility Weighs Higher in Purchase Decisions for Hispanics and African Americans

About one-third of Hispanic and African American consumers almost always choose brands because they come from companies that support causes they believe in, compared to just one in five Non-Hispanic Whites, according to a Yankelovich MONITOR Multicultural Study 2010 by The Futures Company and VanguardComm.

Hispanic and African-American consumers also expect companies to champion their causes and stand up for issues which affect their communities to a greater degree.
-- 79% percent and 84% of Hispanic and African-American respondents respectively agreed with the statement “companies that make sincere efforts to be part of the Hispanic/African-American community deserve my loyalty.”

-- 62% and 68% of Hispanic and African Americans respectively agreed that very few brands and companies genuinely care about the state of their communities.

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