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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Se habla English here?

Business & Legal Reports, Inc. released a survey about the number of different languages that are spoken among employees in the workplace. About 75% of the 493 respondents reported that at least 2 languages were spoken, 38% reported 3-to-6 languages, and only 24 percent reported a one-language workforce.

BLR, which produces compliance and training resources for safety, environmental, HR, and compensation managers, evidently used the survey to launch their new "Spanish Resources Center."

Pretty smart approach.

First, BLR clearly saw a market to offer their products to Hispanics as a whole new demographic. They're marketing the Spanish Resource Center directly to HR managers and safety managers, who are likely the purchasing decision-makers, in a manner that speaks directly to a challenge that they have likely already identified (how do we ensure the safety of our multi-language workforce?).

Second, surveys are a very effective way to generate earned media results (i.e. "news clips"). The media love to report on surveys. Getting ink in strategic publications (such as HR and Safety trade magazines for example) can then serve to position the company as leaders in their industry.


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