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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Television es muy importante for us

Multicultural Marketing Resources released a new study that says Hispanic Americans are 2-to 3 times more likely than the general population to turn to TV as their primary source for entertainment-related information, and that Hispanics prefer to watch news magazines and sitcoms over other primetime television formats.

According to the study, conducted by GfK NOP's Hispanic OmniTel Media and Entertainment Study, 64% of Hispanics say they consider TV the best source of info for things of leisure. The release has this breakdown on the percentage of Hispanics that turn to TV when planning activities as compared to the general population (GP):

-New Movies Coming to the Theater: Hispanics: 64%; GP: 34%
-Planning a Trip/Vacation: Hispanics: 30%; GP: 10%
-Attending Concerts/Sports Events: Hispanics: 48%; GP: 16%

Data is based on an August 2005 survey of 500 Hispanic Americans 18 and up, according to the release.

The survey also found that the viewing patterns of Hispanics are generally very similar to the general population, with some clear exceptions.

SIMILARITIES: Comedies/sitcoms were consistently high between both groups (64% for Hispanics and 67% for GP), and reality shows were consistently low (with only 37% of either group saying they routinely watch these shows).

DIFFERENCES: Almost two thirds (65%) of Hispanics regularly or occasionally watch primetime TV news magazine shows, compared to only 57% for GP. Also 54% of Hispanics regularly tune in to view primetime TV dramas, compared to 64% for GP. I'm no statistician, but this doesn't seem like a huge reportable difference to me, especially not knowing the margin of error.

The release wasn't clear on whether Spanish-language programming (i.e. Spanish or English sitcoms?) was considered or just English-language TV shows. Additionally, I assume they interviewed English-dominant Hispanics. I also wish the release had indicated what type of programs rated higher for each group than others. For instance on the sitcoms, I watch George Lopez but wouldn't be caught dead watching Friends (there are no amigos there as far as I can tell!)

This is still a good study, however, and if nothing else clearly demonstrates the assimilation of English-dominant Hispanics into the mainstream, and proves why a marketers can't target Hispanics blindly.


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