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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Toyota to feature bi-lingual Super Bowl ad

Toyota has decided to debut its new 2007 Camry during the Super Bowl. Not surprising since it's viewed by millions. What is surprising is that the debut ad will be bilingual for the new bybrid vehicle.

This is the first time Toyota has produced a bilingual ad, and Toyota believes it's one of the first times a bilingual ad will played during the Super Bowl.

While not exactly a novel idea (In my "Chevy no-va? I beg to differ" post I wrote about Chevy airing an ad completely in Spanish on Fox during the World Series), this continues to signal advertiser's appreciation for the growing Hispanic market. And, for their understanding that a sophisticated approach is needed to reach us -- one that usually requires a mix of Spanish and English languages and mediums.

Read the AP story.


  • At 8:15 PM , Anonymous M. Cordova said...

    Unfortunately, Toyota's ad fell well short of knowing how to advertise to a bilingual audience. Just because it threw out a couple of Spanish lines does not make it a solid advertisement for Spanish-speaking communities. We are proud to be bilingual and we do not agree with the commercial's conclusion that learning English is what is best for the future of our younger generation...being bilingual is what is best for our future. Unfortunately this commercial was tainted with and English-only, or at least an English first agenda. It was quite irresponsible.

  • At 11:18 PM , Blogger Latin Lingo said...

    I have a different opinion. First, Toyota is in fact clearly advertising to their intended audience, English dominant bi-linguals. Moreover, those who are more acclimated to the U.S. culture and watching this "football" versus the real football (AKA soccer). Clearly, Spanish dominant people are not the key demographic for football, so this isn't aimed at "Spanish speaking communities" as you say. Toyota reaches us already through Spanish-based media. Trust me, Toyota wouldn't spend $2 million for a the air time to air a Super Bowl ad aimed at the Spanish dominant demo. If they did, someone needs to get fired for that recommendation. Second, calling the ad irresponsible is a bit extreme. Bi-lingualism is a clear advantage for us, as you indicate. However, we can't do that if we don't dominate the English language. Let's not kid ourselves that we don't live in an English dominant society. Climbing the corporate ladder is highly limited to anyone, not just us Latinos, if you don't master the English language ... especially the English business language. We need to learn English. Period. Frankly, I think it's "irresponsible" to not insist this from ourselves and especially our children. Lack of dominating the English language is a factor in our low (although increasing) percentages in higher education - often a prerequisite for a successful career. We are all proud of our roots and our bilingualism (starting with this immigrant), but we can't let our pride manifest itself in stubborness where we feel we don't need to learn English. I've seen this in some people I know who haven't achieved their dreams but blame everyone else for being in the position they are in. A Toyota Super Bowl ad is not going to advance our cause or push us back. This is one small step, but a positive one, in the right direction. Be proud that we are starting to greatly influence the main stream, rather than slamming the intent.


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