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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yankelovich : Hispanics main driving force for U.S. economy

Yankelovich Inc., a leading marketing research and consulting firm, has predicted that for 2006 that the Hispanic market is "a main driving force" and "catalyst for growth" in the American economy, destined to receive heightened attention from marketers this year and beyond, Hispanic Business Magazine is reporting.

Here are some of their predictions:

Prediction: Greater outreach by marketers from a broader array of industries will be seen due to more affluence and higher rates of entrepreneurship.

Prediction: Hispanics are a main driving force in the American economy and will continue to be a catalyst for growth in the U.S.

-- 88 percent of Hispanics believe it is cool to be Hispanic.
-- 80 percent of Hispanics, versus 67 percent of non-Hispanic whites, agree that 'as a shopper, I feel more in charge today than I used to.
-- 42 percent of Hispanics, versus 27 percent of non-Hispanic whites, believe they will become rich in their lifetime.

Prediction: In 2006 Yankelovich will also be further exploring areas like the impact of more and more Hispanics becoming local, state, and federal government leaders.


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