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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Now non-Hispanics upset at car dealer ...

Following the "wet-back" fiasco in Texas, a West Palm Beach auto dealer is dealing with angry non-Hispanics for running a Spanish-language ad on English TV channels, according to WESH TV.

The owner was called a traitor, the article states.

However, this isn't an uncommon practice. I wrote about Chevy's Spanish-language ad that aired on Fox last year during the World Series. I also see them when ABC hosts Hispanic awards shows.

Studies show that Hispanics often respond better to Spanish-language advertising, even when they are bi-lingual. This includes my parents who live in Palm Beach. So, from a marketing and sales perspective, this isn't an Anti-American approach or about advertising to illegals (We've been citizens since 1987 and both my brother and I served -- I continue to serve -- in our nation's military).

I'd invite you to also read my previous post about the ignorant mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, for more about this issue.

Hispanics will soon comprise nearly 24% of the U.S. population, according to the Census. If we respond better to ads in Spanish, should non-Hispanic businesses ignore the what will be a trillion $$ purchasing power because of political correctness? PC doesn't pay the bills.


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