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Friday, February 18, 2011

Census shows Texas population is mix of old Anglo and young Hispanic

In the first article that I've seen to actually analyze Census data, a Bloomberg article outlines that Whites in Texas are growing older and more dependent on the earning power and taxes of younger Hispanics, now poised to take over as the state’s largest demographic group.

The data confirm Hispanics are on pace to become the biggest ethnic group in the state by 2015, said Steve Murdock, a former U.S. Census director who teaches sociology at Rice University in Houston. A gap is forming, he said, between youthful Hispanics and aging non-Hispanic whites, known colloquially in Texas as “Anglos.”

Non-Hispanic whites now account for 68 percent of Texans 65 years and older, compared with Hispanics’ 20 percent share of that age segment, Murdock calculates.

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