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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Illinois population increase due to Hispanic population

Census state data for Illinois and Oklahoma was released today. In Illinois, major Chicago newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times are yet to report the state's overall population increase of 411,339 was in essence attributed to the Hispanic population, which increased by 497,316, essentially making up for the state's non-Hispanic population decrease of -0.8%.

-- The Hispanic population is 2,027,578, up 32.5% from 2000 when it was 1,530,262
-- Non-Hispanic population decreased -0.8%
-- The state's overall population increased by 411,339 thanks to the increase of 497,316 in the Hispanic population

-- The Hispanic population is 332,007, up 85.2% from 2000 when it was 179,304
-- Non-Hispanic population increased by 4.5%
-- The state's overall population increased by 300, 697, and 152,703 (or 50.8%) of that increase was due to the Hispanic population

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