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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

'Cuz it's Root, root, root for the Latino team ...

The season the Chicago White Sox have put together has been a bit surprising to those of us who follow béisbol. What's not surprising is the way Latinos have rallied around the team with their deep roster of Latino players, and of course Venezuelan-born manager Ozzie Guillen -- the first Latino to manage a team into the World Series. With 30 percent of the roster of some Latino origin (11 of the 37 active players) "Las Medias Blancas" exceed the Major League average, where Latinos make up of 26% of the league (by comparison, African Americans make up 9%), according to Diversity and Ethics in Sports.

Even though we come from many different countries, we do love to root for "our own" in instances like these. Especially with baseball since most Latinos are very knowledgeable about game and the Latino pioneers. After all, the first minority to play baseball was not the great Jackie Robinson, but Colombian-born Louis Castro who played in 1902. Read Chris Cornell's excellent story in Sports Central about the history of Latinos in the game.


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