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Friday, November 18, 2005

There's a method to my madness

Those who read my blog know I mix in some Spanish here and there.

Now, Marketing y Medios reports on Reebok promoting their new "Spanglish" website. The website, at, targets Hispanic boys and young men ages 12 to 24 who like Reebok products, in part because of Reebok's sponsorship with Mexican soccer team Chivas. The story says it has drawn more than 5,000 unique visitors since it launched Oct. 13.

Again, this outlines the sophistication of the market and why marketers need to be clear of not just their demographics from an age and gender perspective but they need to slice a little farther. Are they Mexican or Puerto Rican? Are they English or Spanish dominant or Bi-lingual?

In some cases, a little of both might be the right approach as depicted by this Reebok campaign.


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