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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Forrester Research releases report on Hispanic technology purchase decisions

Forrester Research, the analyst firm that specializes on technology's implications on business, recently released a study that describes the three critical factors it says determines how Hispanics buy and use technology.

In a Business Wire release, Forrester says they found that Hispanics embrace technology, but prefer portable communication and music devices over PCs, home theaters, and video game systems. While fewer Hispanics are online compared to non-Hispanics, those who do go online are more likely than other groups to engage in entertainment activities like listening to Internet radio or downloading music and movies.

Based on the survey results Forrester concluded that the Hispanics are more likely to consider buying technology that is culturally relevant, accommodates both Spanish and English, and is affordable.

Tamara Barber, the researcher who wrote the report, says in the release, "Ideally, technology marketers, retailers and manufacturers will fine tune their marketing messages, cater to language differences, and when appropriate, offer low-price alternatives. All three recommendations should be employed to successfully engage the Hispanic customer."


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