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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Latino supermarket wars growing

This from the Arizona Republic, supermarkets -- at least there -- are increasing their efforts to get Latino shoppers. The competition is keeping prices lower for Latino consumers ... what a concept!.

Some stores now include restaurants, larger bakeries, meat markets and produce sections, with some adding travel agent and money transfer services, the article reports.

One chain, Phoenix Ranch Market, has music blasting, freshly squeezed drinks and restaurant service, the article goes on to report.

This goes well beyond, as I've discussed in other posts, simply putting your Goya products on sale during Hispanic Heritage Month or running a special on Corona for next week's Cinco de Mayo celebration.

To fully capture the hearts, minds and, ultimately, purse strings of Latinos, supermarkets need to go beyond the cosmetic. I say cosmetic because we see right through efforts that aren't genuine (such as those I just described above ... plus, do Latinos really get drunk on Cinco de Mayo or is it just the Anglos?). And, we certainly embrace those that are genuine... research even shows we also don't mind paying a premium to get this.


  • At 11:17 PM , Anonymous juav said...

    Wow! Was my reaction when I first saw the Spanish wording on the supermarket aisles (early 90's).Sure the lettering was small--the English lettering was far larger--but it was a start. Now the Spanish lettering rivals the English.

    Double wow! Was my reaction when I saw Spanish advertising next to the English, and then on its own (that was in the mid 90s).

    Imagine my excitment when I walked into a Walmart in the middle of nowhere, and found " Pan Dulce Mexicano" next to the muffins (that was in 1996). Now I can find just about any Latino Food Stuff in just about any supermarket. We've come a long way.

    Now Latino culture has venture far beyond the supermarket. I walked into a Target last weekend, and found Spanish videos playing on their "Target Network TV".


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