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Friday, January 05, 2007

FSU offers Hispanic Marketing Communication course online

Florida State University will begin a new online Hispanic Marketing Course beginning on Monday, according to a release they sent on Hispanic PR Wire. The 15-week course is "available to anyone interested and is particularly recommended for professionals currently addressing the Hispanic market, or those who would like to start a Hispanic marketing initiative," the release states.

I called the contact on the release (Ashley) to both inquire as to why the university sends out a release on Jan. 3 for a course that begins on Jan. 8 and also about costs.

She e-mailed me the particulars:

The course is called ADV 3410 - Hispanic Marketing Communication and costs $450.93 for in-state students and $1576.50 for out-of-state students, which includes an $180 fee auxiliary that covers the added expenses of online learning. The semester ends April 28.

I went to the course description and the course does sound interesting, though based on many of the stated objectives it seems as if a lot of the course is dedicated to the basics. However, more knowledge about Hispanic marketing and a refresher on things you might already know can only enhance your expertise, so it's something I will consider taking ... but for the next session. Ashley was non-committal as to whether there would be another session but she was optimistic based on the interest the course is receiving.


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