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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't underestimate the power of the Hispanic Market

So says Gannett News Service, who released an article by this name recently. The biggest whopper in the article?

"The best way to get a piece of the Hispanic market is to go about it the same way you'd approach any other target market. Sit down and devise a marketing plan."

Well, how do you like them manzanas (that means apples to you English speakers)?

How marketers continue to approach the market without the respect it needs (and budget it deserves) is still beyond me. As I've written in other postings, to many companies are relying on translations. This is bad enough. Worse is when they merely look around their organizations for Hispanic workers and assign them marketing responsibilities only based on the fact they are Hispanic. Being of Hispanic origin, or even speaking Spanish, isn't enough. After all, is being an English speaking Anglo the main requirement for most general market marketing jobs?


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