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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Study released on Hispanic shopping habits

Hispanic are less satisfied with supermarkets, drug stores and other retail outlets than the general population, says a new study released by Unilever and reported in Advertising Age.

The study also found Hispanic shoppers are resistant to using loyalty cards because of privacy concerns (duh!) We Hispanics don't like to give out our personal information. Culturally, we are very private with our personal information and other types of information. I'm still surprised at how many in the general market are so willing to give out any information that is asked of them.

On the dissatisfied front, the study reports only 35% of Hispanic shoppers are completely satisfied with their shopping experience compared to 58% in the general market. The study says the dissatisfaction stems from not finding products that appeal to Hispanics and certainly having all the signage in English.

Good public relations move on the part of Unilever to release a study like this. Publishing studies is one of the key ways to demonstrate leadership, and gain ink as evidenced by this Ad Age article.


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