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Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Abuelita dolls strike cultural cord

Trying to tap into the desire that many Hispanics have to find and give gifts that touch and pass on culture to the next generation are Baby Abuelita dolls, grandparent dolls that sing Spanish-language lullabies. They were developed by 3 working mothers – a teacher, a lawyer and a psychotherapist – in Miami and are modeled after typical Latin American grandparents. They strive to preserve old cradle songs familiar to Hispanics, according to a release on Hispanic PR Wire.

While a PS3 is probably higher on many Hispanic childrens' Christmas and 3 King's Day lists this year, these dolls and others that tap into Spanish language and Hispanic culture, are probably high on the gift lists for many Hispanic adults. They are ideal in that they are great gift ideas and help to pass on culture and language. Plus, no one gets shot trying to buy one or we don't have to wait outside Best Buy for 5 days to get them.


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