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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telemundo looking for Gold in Summer Olympics

Marketing y Medios has a good article profiling some large insurers that are looking at the Olympics as a great opportunity to reach Latinos.

Telemundo will cover the Olympics from Aug. 6 - Aug. 24.

Here's what Target's director of multicultural marketing Greg Cunningham -- who clearly gets it -- had to say in the article:
"The Olympics is a world stage and an opportunity in media -- and there are only a few -- when you are potentially going to get the whole family in front of the TV in a multigenerational opportunity. When you can reach people in those really special moments, and understand the bond that Hispanics family have, and understand that 'if you speak to me in a relevant way during this time, it will make me perceive you and your brand very differently."


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