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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hispanics online use surpassing the general market

Hispanics' online use has surpassed the general market by a factor of 6.5, according to Terra Networks, citing data from comScore Media Metrix, and as reported in

Between Dec. 2005 and Dec. 2006, Hispanic online audience increased by 13 percent, while the general market increased 2 percent .

Hispanics also surpassed the general market in time spent online per day. Hispanics spent an average of 88.1 minutes online per day, while the online general market spent 81.7 minutes per day during Dec. 06, according to the article.

The other point the article mentions is that, despite speculation that Spanish language usage will decrease over time, it has remained about the same.

Thanks to Rebecca, media buyer extraordinaire from Mason, Inc., for forwarding me the story.


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