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Monday, December 21, 2009

Pew launches year-long look at Millenials

The Pew Research Center announced they will launch new nationwide surveys in 2010 to probe more deeply into Millennial personality traits. In addition, they will look closely at the diversity among the Millennials themselves.

Even without further research, we already know a few big things about the Millennials, according to Pew:
  • They are the most ethnically and racially diverse cohort of youth in the nation's history. Among those ages 13 to 29: 18.5% are Hispanic; 14.2% are black; 4.3% are Asian; 3.2% are mixed race or other; and 59.8%, a record low, are white.
  • They are starting out as the most politically progressive age group in modern history. In the 2008 election, Millennials voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by 66%-32%, while adults ages 30 and over split their votes 50%-49%. In the four decades since the development of Election Day exit polling, this is the largest gap ever seen in a presidential election between the votes of those under and over age 30.
  • They are the first generation in human history who regard behaviors like tweeting and texting, along with websites like Facebook, YouTube, Google and Wikipedia, not as astonishing innovations of the digital era, but as everyday parts of their social lives and their search for understanding.
  • They are the least religiously observant youths since survey research began charting religious behavior.
  • They are more inclined toward trust in institutions than were either of their two predecessor generations -- Gen Xers (who are now ages 30 to 45) and Baby Boomers (now ages 46 to 64) when they were coming of age.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

HispanicAd top 10 of the decade is seeking input on the 10 most impactful occurrences in US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing and Media Industries during the last decade. Submissions are due by December 23 at:

I think one of the Top 10 occurrences was the results of the 2000 Census. The dramatic growth of Hispanics from 1990 to 2000 is what has arguably launched the intense interest in the Hispanic market. While Hispanic marketing and agencies were around well before 2000, the dramatic growth of Hispanic-focused agencies, Hispanic-serving media and companies investing in the market since 2000 can not be denied. These results sparked the intense interest in the Hispanic population, gave rise to cross-over artists and the Hispanic culture began to influence the mainstream to the point that 1. salsa outsells ketchup and 2. tortillas outsell Wonder bread.

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