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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spanish-Language Usage Equals Higher Convenience Store Shopping Frequency

On average, Hispanics visit convenience stores more frequently on a monthly basis compared to non-Hispanics, according to a recently released report by The NPD Group.

The report, "The Hispanic Convenience Store Shopper," finds that Hispanics overall made almost two more visits a month than non-Hispanics to major oil chain c-stores, and nearly one more visit over a 30-day period to traditional c-stores than non-Hispanics.

Hispanics on average also spent more at convenience stores than non-Hispanics with spending levels among Hispanics increasing as acculturation level decreases.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hispanic Millennials and Mobile Usage

More than 40% of Hispanics have smartphones, and that figure is expected to rise to 63% by 2016 with the Hispanic Millennial segment as the driving force, according to an Insight Tr3s article.  Other good insights from the article are that Hispanic Millenials are:

Nearly twice as likely to get online at home using a phone. 50% of Hispanics 18 to 29 use a phone for Internet access at home, vs. 27% of Hispanics 30 to 49.

More active in using their phones to connect with others. Hispanics 18 to 29 are significantly more likely than thirty- and forty-somethings to be heavy social media users, as well as to agree with statements like, “I like to be connected to my friends and family wherever I am,” “Texting is just as meaningful as an actual conversation with a person on the phone,” “My cell phone connects me to my social world,” and, “My friendships would not be as close without my cell phone.”

More interested in status and what their phone says about them. Having the latest technology confers status among younger Hispanics. Compared with the older group, they heavily over-index in agreeing with statements like, “My cell phone is an expression of who I am” and “I’m always the first among my friends to have the latest electronic equipment.”

More likely to use their phone to get information. The younger group is far more likely to agree with statements like, “I use information from my cell phone to decide where to go or what to do in my free time” and “I rely on my cell phone to keep up with news or sports.”

More receptive to mobile advertising. Hispanics 18 to 29 are more likely than those 30 to 49 to agree with statements like “I am willing to accept advertisements sent to my cell phone if I were to receive something of value in exchange” and “I would be interested in a service that would let me use my cell phone to make purchases in a store.”

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