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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telemundo looking for Gold in Summer Olympics

Marketing y Medios has a good article profiling some large insurers that are looking at the Olympics as a great opportunity to reach Latinos.

Telemundo will cover the Olympics from Aug. 6 - Aug. 24.

Here's what Target's director of multicultural marketing Greg Cunningham -- who clearly gets it -- had to say in the article:
"The Olympics is a world stage and an opportunity in media -- and there are only a few -- when you are potentially going to get the whole family in front of the TV in a multigenerational opportunity. When you can reach people in those really special moments, and understand the bond that Hispanics family have, and understand that 'if you speak to me in a relevant way during this time, it will make me perceive you and your brand very differently."

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ad Age's Hispanic Fact Pack now available

Advertising Age's fifth-annual Hispanic Fact Pack was just released.

The Fact Pack includes data about marketers' 2007 ad outlays by company and category; demographic trends; and rankings of top TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and online media. Expanded information on digital media and how it is used by Hispanics is also included. Additionally, the Fact Pack contains an exclusive ranking of the top 50 U.S. Hispanic agencies, including, for the first time, non- Hispanic agencies that report a significant amount of Hispanic business.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Spanish-Language Advertising Spending Up 3% in '07

AdWeek article reports advertising spending in Spanish-language media, "reached $5.78 billion in 2007, up 3 percent from $5.63 billion in 2006, with cable TV showing a 76 percent jump, buoyed by the addition of Fox Sports en Espanol and Telemundo's mun2 as measured media, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus."

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ah! So that's why my wife yells at me only in Spanish!

Fortunately my wife says she has better things to do that read my rants so I'm confident she won't read my headline :-)

A group from Baruch College and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studied several groups of bilingual Hispanic women with varying degrees of cultural identification with Latino and Anglo cultures and found dramatic shifts in frame-shifting in women who identified with both, according to an article on Discovery Channel Canada.

Furthermore, the article says, these women also switched frames more quickly and easily than bilingual women who were monoculturals. This was especially evident when it came to their self-perception of assertiveness; bicultural women classified themselves as more assertive when they spoke Spanish than when they spoke English.