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Monday, October 30, 2006

Betty keeps going strong

Ugly Betty, the ABC show produced by Salma Hayek and based on the popular Colombian telenovela "Betty la Fea" continues to receive high acclaim ... and ratings.

Thursday, despite the World Series (unless you're from St. Louis or Detroit did you really care who won? It was more like rooting for Albert v. Pudge) the show was not too affected. The show averaged a 4.2 with 18-49 and 13.2 million total viewers giving them an 8.9 rating in their time slot, according to Nielsen overnights. The show beat out Survivor in its time slot.

I've written about the power of telenovelas in the past. The long-term verdict is still out on Ugly Betty. While it's based on the concept of Hispanic telenovelas, it is different in that it's more like a sitcom/series than a traditional telenovela, which has an ending. Also, telenovelas highly appeal to Hispanic men, what with the passion and women and all. Ugly Betty has male viewers (including yours truly) and they will be key to the show's long-term success.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hispanics receptive to radio advertising

FMQB is reporting that the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has released findings from the Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab (RAEL) "Personal Relevance Two: Radio’s Receptive Ad Environment" report, which finds that radio's receptive ad environment:

1. Is especially strong among African-Americans and Hispanics; even more so with Spanish-dominant Hispanics)
2. African-American and Hispanic populations show additional, unique emotional connections and strong bonds with their radio stations.

Specifically, African-Americans and Hispanics accepted radio ads more than TV or Internet ads and associated radio spots with "fun" and "honesty" more than other groups.

Here is a quote from RAB President/CEO Jeff Haley that is in the article:

“...This new study from RAEL provides valuable insights into the special relationship that these segments have with Radio and their super-receptivity to advertising on their radio stations. The results ... make it clear that a strong radio presence is essential to a robust multicultural marketing initiative.”

Monday, October 23, 2006

Marketing y Medios to fold is reporting that VNU announced that it will close Marketing y Medios, the magazine dedicated to the U.S. Hispanic industry. It will now be a monthly selection in select copies of Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek. The magazine did not enjoy "the traction with either readers and advertisers, thus suffering from severe sales under-performance and cost containment issues," they said.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coke exec: it's foolish for companies to neglect Hispanic market

Santiago Blanco, assistant vice president of Hispanic marketing for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, told a business audience in Alabama that companies that ignore that market are missing out on potentially lucrative business.

The Birmingham News reported on his visit where he also announced the beverage company is releasing a new energy drink next month aimed at Mexicans called Full Throttle Blue Demon, named after legendary Mexican wrestler El Demonio Azul.

"The face of America is changing. Companies that don't go after the multicultural market are missing out," he is quoted as saying in the article.

He also discussed that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 51 percent of teenagers living in the United States are minorities and 49 percent are white non-Hispanics

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Will 300 millionth person be Hispanic?

As of early evening yesterday (Oct. 4), there were 299,903,584 people in the United States, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune .

That estimate, according to the article, is based on a birth every 7 seconds, a death every 13 and a new immigrant arrival every 31 seconds; resulting in one new person every 11 seconds.

The talk now is if that 300,000,000th person will be a Hispanic. Though, we will likely never know.